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Do you qualify for a guarantor home loan?

The policies for borrowing a loan supported by a guarantee are increasingly complex and diverse!

Whilst guarantor loans are great for those with no deposit, lending criteria and guidelines are quite strict. This is because of the high level of risk involved in loaning 100% of the purchase price.

What do the banks look at?

Many people are unaware of the large variety of factors which may impact upon their ability to get approval.

The banks assesses various aspects of your situation when determining whether to approve your application. These include both your income and that of your guarantors.

Other factors may include the age of your guarantor, the value of their property and whether your loan is a first or second mortgage on their property.

It is very important that you apply with a bank that looks favourably on your situation. This will maximise your chances of getting approval.

If you feel that you may struggle to meet lending policy, please speak to us on 1300 399 056 or enquire online today!

So how can we help make your life easier?

We have created this calculator so that you can determine whether you qualify for a guarantor loan with most banks and non-conforming lenders.

You can work out the size of the guarantee and the total exposure on your parents property, which can then help you decide if a particular loan is suitable for your situation.

Learn about loans with a guarantee

This website has a wealth of information that can help you to decide if a guarantor loan is the product for you.

We recommend that you read the following pages:

Please enquire online or call us on 1300 399 056 and we can help you get approved with a reputable lender at a competitive interest rate!