Our mortgage brokers understand how complex a guarantor loan application can be, especially since there is another party involved.

We are committed to serving the needs of our customers and will do everything possible to ensure that you get a guarantor home loan with the best lender around.

Along with our affiliate company Home Loan Experts, we strive to maintain a strong reputation in the mortgage industry and have been praised for the hard work of our brokers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Please read on to see what our customers are saying about us.

We would like to say thank you to Hank from Home Loan Experts for all his help in getting us a guarantor loan. We were really unsure if we would ever get approval for a home loan, but Hank immediately knew the right lender to approach for our situation, and made the whole process simple. We really didn’t have to do much at all, as Hank walked us through the process step by step, and answered all my questions extremely promptly. We would definitely recommend Home Loan Experts to anyone. So thanks again to Hank and the team from Home Loan Experts for making it possible for us to own our first home.

Ianthe & Jad, Brisbane QLD

Loans can be as simple as filling in forms if you are not doing anything complex. However, for a person like me with many variables like buying an investment with a company & trust structure with additional guarantors it can be quite a headache. The Home Loan Experts made it quite simple and straight forward. My mortgage broker was able to liaise with not only the banks but the conveyancer, accountant and real-estate agent to make purchasing that bit easier, saving time for me to do important things like earn money and work rather than get stressed and give up on getting my first loan. Cheers home loan experts, I know the next one will be even easier and would recommend to anyone for you to be on their team to achieve their goals.

Neil, Castle Hill NSW

Our mortgage broker was very personable and made us feel like he went above and beyond to assist us in getting our home loan. He had a great knowledge of guarantor home loans which set our mind at ease. He was happy to answer any questions even outside business hours and responded in a professional and timely manner. As a second home buyer I would recommend going through the home loan experts as this process was a lot smoother and less stressful then having to deal with banks as an individual. I would especially recommend Hoa to others.

Melissa & Rhys, Brisbane QLD

We wanted to share our experience of using the Home Loan Experts and in particular Tony Simic. We had some financial challenges recently and had a great deal of difficulty in gaining finance for our own home again. With good incomes and a good deposit we were still struggling. After the roller coaster ride of going cap in hand to the bank manager, only to be turned away, and the dealing with a crazy mortgage broker who promised the world and delivered only disappointment, we found Tony.
What a refreshing change! He talked to us on the phone, listened to what we said and then told us that he thought he could help. No outlandish promises, just a simple “I reckon I can help”. He followed up and gave us a concise list of what he would require and told us to send that documentation. Even him being in Sydney and us in Perth was no barrier.
After two days he had talked to the bank and had a pretty strong “yes” from the lender and it was the normal banking system that he was able to get us a loan, not the “bad boy lenders” who often charge ridiculous interest rates. Within a 2 week time frame we had approval and were able to follow the normal approval process to get the loan.
He even made a guarantor loan from our parents seem effortless!
So now we have settled on the loan and have moved into our new house. We have put the past behind us and are ready to get on with it again. Thanks to Tony we feel like we are not the scum of the earth we had been made to feel on previous occassions with other mortgage brokers/financiers. Nothing was too much trouble and with Tony’s inside knowledge on how lenders think he was able to approach the bank with an excellent case and really put us in a great position in the lenders’ eyes.
We recommend Tony and the Home Loan Experts strongly and will be using them for our next purchase. We would like to especially thank Tony for his professionalism and his honesty. If he cant help, he will say so. He won’t make you promises that he can’t keep. Everything he said he would do, he followed through with. That in itself is extremely rare today.
So thanks Tony and we will be speaking to you again for our next investment property.

Julie & Luisa, Waikiki WA